Countdown to Challenge Wanaka

Posted by Bridget Irving on 18 September 2013 | 0 Comments

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My name is Bridget, I decided to enter the Wanaka Challenge Half Ironman a few months ago and have been chipping away at training since. During the day I work as a solicitor which keeps me pretty busy. I am married to Jesse and we have a Spoodle called Oscar who is awesome. Our weeks are pretty busy with work etc, we also spend a fair few of our weekends in Central Otago. I am not good at getting up early in the morning for training and I get cranky if I don’t get enough sleep!

I have done a few other long distance events including a couple of adventure races and I have been part of 2 teams competing in the full Wanaka Challenge where I have done the cycle and run legs. I fit well and truly within the ‘punter’ category.  Previously my event strategy has often involved ‘suffering on the day’ as opposed to preparing as well as I probably should have. My nutrition strategy has generally been to stick with my usual and then enjoy some delicious gels and the like on race day in the possibly misguided belief I would get a boost.


On the trail

I am inclined to think I won’t be able to get away with either approach if I want to do the half ironman even mildly proficiently. So, I have tried to pull my proverbial together and get a decent training plan in place. I am also want to make sure I can capitalize on that training as best as I can by complementing it with good nutrition. That is where the team at Trailblazer and I have crossed paths.

I have a pretty good understanding of basic nutrition stuff, but not really at the level I thought would be necessary to maximize results for this event. Having got my nutrition plan from Trailblazer I have definitely been undercooking my intake during exercise and probably not having enough food post exercise to ‘bank the training gains’.

This blog is partly a mechanism to keep me honest about what I am doing. Hopefully you lot will hold me to account when I am dragging the chain. You will be able to follow my journey to race day, the ups, the downs, the great training days and the ones where I feel like balls. I will also be keeping you up to date with my nutrition experiences as I try different options, increase my training intake and see how this makes me feel. The Trailblazer team tell me I will feel AMAZE…let’s see if they are right!