Race day practice

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Leanings from an amateur ironman

During my final countdown to Challenge Wanaka, I am going to share with you a key learning from each training week. Hopefully these thoughts will help with your own training.

Last week’s key learning is – Practice Race Day Nutrition

Last week I reached new lengths on the bike, clocking up 173km in approximately 7 hours 15 minutes around the actual course in Wanaka. Taking the opportunity to ride the course has eased my conscience slightly, as I now know what to expect on the day. It also provided the perfect opportunity to emulate my race day nutrition! Finishing the bike utterly exhausted and deflated it is clear that my nutrition was not optimal. Especially considering that on race day I still need to bike 7 more km and then run a marathon. During this bike I decided to trial a new approach of taking energy jubes every 20 minutes-ish. However, I found these very fiddly to handle and consume on the bike, along with also handling my drink bottle. Usually I take gel shots every 45min – 1 hour, which require a lot less handling, and is now likely what I will stick with moving forward. I also got hungry. I had one protein energy bar approximately 2.5 hours in, but potentially need to look at including more protein during the later half of the bike. I consumed 5 drink bottles of water / replace. On reflection, it looks like I did not consume nearly enough food / supplements which is essentially why I was so drained at the end. I am looking forward to having Trailblazer nutrition provide me with some expert advice, as I am quickly learning that I know less than I thought about nutrition.

Fuel / nutrition is extremely important and you have to use your key training sessions to practice your intake to ensure you get the right balance for you. This week’s 6 hour ride, then 1 hour run straight off the bike, provides me with another perfect opportunity to try again!