Trailblazer Nutrition 

Trailblazer Nutrition aims to bring expert nutrition to every endurance athlete. Nutrition can make such a large difference to your enjoyment, whether it is through improved performance, preventing gastro-intestinal problems, or just making training and the event easier.

Whether you choose to buy a plan for your next event, or make the most of the Skype/phone consultations, you will benefit from the knowledge of a team of "Trailblazer's". Tom's nutritional knowledge is supplemented by his own endurance experiences, as well as from fellow endurance junkies Sam Inglis and George Acland. They have added their own touches to the plans, to ensure that the information you receive is practical, and applicable in real life.

Tom Shand

Tom Shand is an experienced and knowledgeable sports dietitian. He has completed the International Olympic Committee Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition, and the Sports Dietitians of Australia Sports Nutrition course. He has also worked at a clinical level in both children and adult weight management, diabetes, chronic disease, and stroke rehabilitation.

Tom's passion for sport and the outdoors led him to the University of Otago where he studied exercise science and nutrition, as well as exploring his new surfing and skiing playgrounds; the Otago Peninsular and Central Otago. Tom went on to complete his Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics and is now a New Zealand Registered Dietitian. It was during this time that Tom developed his love for running and endurance, and after competing in events around New Zealand decided to specialise in endurance nutrition. While Tom runs and competes in events largely for fun, he cannot deny his competitive side and his best marathon result is 13th in his first ever marathon, the 2010 Motatapu off road marathon. More recently, Tom went all out to tick the sub 3hr marathon box, and snuck in with a 2hr 59min 47s nailbiter at the London marathon. 

Sam Inglis

Sam is a university friend of Tom's, and they first bonded over their mutual love of skiing, but later Sam's infectious enthusiasm for endurance events rubbed off on Tom, and they started doing longer, more adventurous runs together. Sam is so passionate about endurance events and what Trailblazer is trying to achieve that he bought into the company in 2011. Not only did Trailblazer gain a much needed business brain, but Trailblazer plans now directly benefit from Sam's experiences as a finisher of the Coast to Coast, the Wanaka Ironman, multiple marathons, cycle races, off road running events, and general all round Trailblazing qualities. 

George Acland

George is the newest member of the Trailblazer Nutrition team, but he has long been a Trailblazer. He completed his first marathon at age 19 in Christchurch in the impressive time of 3hrs 11min, and has gone on to record a sub 3hr marathon at New York, a top twenty debut finish in the Coast to Coast two day event, as well as many other official and self planned adventures around New Zealand and the world.

Dr Acland has added some extra scientific clout to the operation, but his practical ideas, training tips, and enthusiasm has brought a lot to the team.